[Hits Pause]

Taking this break may actually be good for me.

I’ve been nonstop since 2005. During college, I worked full time while attending classes at night. Since 2010, I’ve worked in succession under two visionary leaders: one in government and the other in non-profit. As of late spring 2015, I found myself at a juncture where I no longer felt efficient in my role and by the fall, I accepted the fact I needed to do some soul searching to re-establish what I bring to the table.

Yes, my background is in social media and digital engagement, but the past two years have made me realize how much I value human connection and relationship building. There is nothing like speaking with an emerging or established leader in person. Whatever I do next needs to include human connection and genuine collaboration. I’m not even sure it needs to be in the immigration movement, because my lens will always be through immigrants.

It’s been an honor to work alongside my colleagues at Define American. I’m mentally preparing for my last day on January 29th.

2015 was great, but bittersweet.

I am unapologetic as I hit pause on my career and recognize that few are able to do so. I am grateful for the time and space to reconnect with the things that define me and the ability to reinvest in myself. I can’t move forward into my next role without re-centering my mind and energy.

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